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Aike Logistics provides fast, reliable and efficient door-to door transportation within Europe and also from Turkey, middle Asia, СIS countries to Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Austria, Serbia and all of Europe, and from the whole Europe to middle Asia, CIS countries and Turkey. Our vast network of partners allows us to optimize transportation expenses, offer competitive prices, and select the best routes.

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Our team can arrange prompt deliveries of fragile and perishable goods, ensuring that even the most sensitive items arrive at their destination in perfect condition. We transport anything from food and drinks to pharmaceuticals, with refrigerated trailers that can be set at the needed temperature.

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When transporting hazardous materials, we prioritize the safety of people, goods, and the environment. All of our drivers are educated and equipped with necessary safety equipment and accessories, ranging from eye flush kits to fire extinguishers. We have the experience and knowledge to provide complete dangerous and hazardous goods logistics services.

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At Aike Logistics, we understand that logistics projects often involve more than just transportation. We examine the entire delivery route, find the best warehousing solution, and offer professional handling of customs formalities to meet your specific needs. Each project is coordinated by a logistics specialist who is highly experienced and available to answer any questions you may have. We will provide you with an individual logistics concept according to your requirements.

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